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Individual made-to-measure tube sections


A brief history



  • Creating a life cycle assessment for the entire corporation in the framework of a bachelor thesis named "Effects of Energy and Environmental Management Systems on the Life Cycle Assessment in the Steel and Aluminum Processing Industry"


  • Purchase of another machine for the processing of aluminium tubes (S111) in June
  • Purchase of another machine for the processing of aluminium tubes (S112) in September



It is unbelievable how time flies! In 2015, our company looks back on half a century of successful work. Founded in 1965 as owner-managed individual enterprise called "Ulrich Menn Metallverarbeitung/Rohrabschnitte", the joint-stock company emerging in June 2003 now operates under the well-known name "RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH".

Despite the changes in ownership and corporation conditions 12 years ago, we always remained true to us and our proven strengths! We are working in a small, motivated team with flat hierarchies in a familiar atmosphere. Nevertheless we guarantee our customers the necessary professional environment of a medium-sized company. The development of  RW Rohrabschnitte" confirms our idea and concept of living partnerships! Nearly all our customers trust us already for several years, some of them even for decades! This also goes for our close cooperation with reliable suppliers.

At this point we want to say a sincere "THANK YOU" to our customers and suppliers, to our partners and friends, to our current and former staff members, and to all those who contributed to us reaching this anniversary!

Also in future, we will be working with pleasure and commitment to justify the trust in us.

More events in 2015:

  • Completion of Production Hall II
  • Completion of Distribution Warehouse II
  • Purchase of another Sawing Machine (S110)

02/2015: Concrete steles for distribution hall II

03/2015: Steel construction for the roof between production hall II and distribution hall II

05/2015: Sight line: office building - distribution hall I - distribution hall II

06/2015: Substructure for the facade panels of production hall II

07/2015: Preparation of the paving works between production halls I and II

07/2015: Curbs for the parking area at the office building

08/2015: Installation works at the subroofs

10/2015: Sowing and planting of the green space at the office building


  • Completion of Storage Warehouse II
  • Completion and move into the new office and new staff section
  • Beginning of earthwork for production hall II and distribution warehouse II

01/2014: Erection of the concrete side parts for the new office building

04/2014: Facade work and car park at the storage warehouse for unprocessed material II

07/2014: Interior fittings in the new office building

07/2014: Facade work and car park at the storage warehouse for unprocessed material II


  • Purchase of adjoining property with a size of 2,223 square meters, which will make the factory premisis to have 8,073 square meters in total
  • Start of EDI real time software solution for three more clients
  • Beginning of building activity of our new storage warehouse II and our new office section

10/2013: Demolition of the old office building

10/2013: Excavation work for the storage warehouse for unprocessed material II

11/2013: Steel construction for the roof of the storage warehouse for unprocessed material II

12/2013: Groundwork for the new office building


  • The Sawing Machine S109 was purchased
  • The software program EDI was introduced for all dealings with the main customer


  • The Sawing Machine S108 was purchased
  • The ERP-System INFOR COM AUTOMOTIVE was introduced
  • A Wireless Warehouse Solution was introduced
  • A digital profile projector was introduced to optically measure parts more accurately


  • The Sawing Machine S107 was purchased
  • RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH was awarded the DIN EN ISO 14001 certificate


  • An outgoing goods warehouse was built


  • RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH was awarded the VDA 6.1 certificate


  • There was a big fire and the factory burnt down
  • New machines were bought for the production area (to 2006)
  • New buildings for production were constructed (to 2006)
  • CAQ-Software BABTEC was introduced


  • Andreas Busch is appointed as General Manager


  • The business was sold to Mr Brian Fenwick-Smith
  • The RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH was founded on 1 June 2003
  • The first PPS-System is introduced


  • Ulrich Menn Rohrabschnitte GmbH received its first certificate: DIN EN ISO 9001


  • A new warehouse was built for the storage of tubes
  • Andreas Busch joins the company


  • All production was moved from Weitersburg to Bendorf


  • A new production was built in Bendorf


  • They specialised in the product "Rohrabschnitte" (Tube Sections)


  • The Company was founded by Mr Ulrich Menn

© 2013 RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH Feld-Vorstmann-Strasse 3 56170 Bendorf Germany Tel. +49 (0) 26 22 / 92 55 - 0 Fax: +49 (0) 26 22 / 92 55 - 18

© 2013 RW Rohrabschnitte GmbH
Feld-Vorstmann-Straße 3
56170 Bendorf
Tel. +49 (0) 26 22 / 92 55 - 0
Fax: +49 (0) 26 22 / 92 55 - 18

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